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Ea sports ufc 2 pc crack

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EA Sports UFC 2 download pc








About EA Sports UFC 2 PC

EA Sports UFC 2 PC Crack is the new game based on the most popular MMA event in the world. The game relies on cutting-edge graphics that bring a realism never before seen in a game of the genre. The title will feature the presence of the main stars of the Octagon, as Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Cain Velasquez, Jose Aldo, and even the presence of legends like Royce Grace and Bruce Lee.
After spending years in the hands of THQ, UFC brand passed recently to be responsibility of EA Sports, which for the first time can work directly with the image of athletes like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Such responsibility has made the company invoked the team responsible for the development of the series Fight Night with the goal of developing a title that not only could translate with competence the brutality of the ring, but which also respect all the strategy that we see inside the octagons.
Adopting the engine Ignite (the same FIFA series), EA Sports UFC recently arrived to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 featuring a stunning graphical fidelity. Despite its beauty, however, the game shows an experience far from perfect, showing some typical problems of a Studio that works for the first time with a material that is not exactly familiar.
We can’t talk about this title not to mention how beautiful he is. EA Sports really took the power offered by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, creating one that can be considered the most compelling cross-platform game to be released in this early generation — something that isn’t exactly surprising, given that the same team responsible for the game created Fight Night: Round 3, game that did the same for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 at the time of these consoles hit the market.
EA Sports UFC is the kind of game you want to show to family, friends and girlfriends/boyfriends to try to justify the high investment required by a current generation platform. The game is so realistic that unsuspecting may accompany a game believing we are seeing the transfer of a real fight.
Although the genre “fighting games” as a whole is already known for its complexity and the low accessibility, EA Sports UFC can make learning more difficult than necessary by simply not explain clearly what it takes to win. The tutorial mode leaves out many essential explanations, not teaching how to take the dominant position after being pushed to the ground, for example — if you follow only what he has to say, you won’t learn how to Dodge punches opponents, neither will know how to gain dominance over a more aggressive opponent.
As happens in other series from EA Sports, the main mode of the game is to invest in the career of a novice athlete. To do this, you must create a character with fully customizable features, including from his weight class to elements such as tattoos and special moves — strangely, the option does not allow investing in female characters, which are present in the game. After a quick rebuilding of the Ultimate Fighter reality show, you start your career and should win the struggles of lower category before you can challenge the big names in the UFC. Between one and another, you have to go through different types of training that ensures points that turn into improvements to the skills of your fighter — success in octagons also ensures new sponsors, items and options. EA Sports UFC 2 PC Download link below! EA Sports UFC 3 PC Download is now available and it’s free aswell!

Ea sports ufc 2 pc download

An interesting point in EA Sports UFC 2 Download PC is the way it determines the duration of the career of his fighter. As happens in real clashes, injuries and other types of damage are loaded from one fight to another, and neglecting the health of your fighter can make your time inside the ring is shortened.
Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence of opponents is not exactly brilliant and don’t do a good job in making the exciting fights. So, it doesn’t take very long until the clashes thus become predictable and easy to be overcome, especially after you have already invested in substantial improvements to the skills of your fighter.
With that, the real star of the game is its multiplayer mode, either offline or online (which relies on a system of categories similar to FIFA tournaments). Play against a person who has the same level of ability that his results in clashes quite unpredictable and fun, where a coup well given can reverse the course of a fight.
Although attracting attention with an amazing presentation, EA Sports UFC peca for offering a fighting system that doesn’t do justice to what we see in octagons reais. The transition between the different moments of a fight shown skin-deep, and the lack of impact of the moves we make it look like we’re using plastic dolls and not real fighters — even if the employees are extremely reliable models.
The complex fighting system contributes to increase the longevity of the title, however the lack of explanations makes him look uninviting at some points, something that contributes to keep casual players. Similarly, the career mode is interesting for fans, but the lack of variety soon causes it becomes monotonous, which decreases the willingness to continue investing in the development of a personalized fighter.
What saves the title’s multiplayer mode, which shows fun, as long as you face opponents with a level of skill similar to yours. Fortunately, Electronic Arts features stable servers, which makes the minimum lag witnessed in online matches, something essential for a fighting game that requires such precision in the execution of commands and tactics of attack and defense.
With the game, EA Sports UFC 2 PC Download builds a solid foundation, but that sin by failing to capture with the characteristics of the sport that you serve as inspiration. Now that the technical parts of the game have already been resolved, there remains the hope that a sequence can develop a gameplay system as engaging as those we see on FIFA and Madden NFL.


EA Sports UFC 2 PC Download Guide

Ea sports ufc 2 download crack pc free


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LAST UPDATE: 22.04.2019

EA Sports UFC 2 download pc


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